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Published March 12, 2023

Breakfast Empanada

Empanadas, commonly recognized as a Mexican dish, actually originated from Spain and Galicia. Similar to tacos and egg rolls, they possess their own traditional ingredients. However, as time progresses, the recipes have evolved, allowing for endless possibilities when it comes to creating empanadas.

Lets talk about the recipe.

If you enjoy a delicious breakfast sandwich, you will definitely appreciate this breakfast empanada. It includes potatoes and homemade spicy sausage, originally designed as a convenient on-the-go breakfast for those who like to prepare in advance without spending too much time in the morning. It is not only tasty but also delicate, allowing you to save time in the kitchen.

Spice level:
Untitled design (11).png
Prep time:
15 Minutes
Cook time:
20 Minutes
35 Minutes
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