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Savory Goddess - Thanksgiving Ebook 2023
  • Savory Goddess - Thanksgiving Ebook 2023

    Introducing the Savory Goddess - Thanksgiving Ebook of 2023, the ultimate guide to making this year's Thanksgiving feast the best yet. This exclusive ebook features a collection of mouthwatering and easy-to-follow recipes that are sure to impress your guests. From classic turkey to savory sides and the best cranberry sauce you will ever make, this ebook has it. Download it now and enjoy the taste of childhood memories that have been passed down for generations with a extra savory twist.

    Happy holidays and happy Thanksgiving from the Savory Goddess


    1. Sage Sausage Dressing
    2. Whole Chicken
    3. Thanksgiving Mac & Cheese 
    4. Sweet Potato Poon 
    5. Potato Salad
    6. Candied Yams

    7. Smoked Pork Collard Greens
    8. Smoked Pork & Whole Greens
    9. Holiday Pasta Shells
    10. Sweet Potato Pumpkin & Pecan Poon
    11. Holiday Steak Stew
    12. Cranberry Sauce
    13. Thanksgiving Turkey

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